Understanding The Follow Automation Settings

On the first of September, we released some extra features for the follow automation tool, so we would like to explain all the tool settings as follow:

  • Speed: This option defines the speed of the follow requests, starting from very slow to very fast, we would recommend using auto or medium speed.
  • Status: This option is for activating or deactivating the service.
  • Gender: This filter lets you target a specific gender, male or female.
  • Add comma-separated keywords to ignore and not to follow. (profiles should start with @, hashtags should start with # & Locations should be typed as it appears in the search box). ie. @username,#hashtag,California
  • Pause actions everyday: Pause the requests in a specific time everyday.
  • Randomize Like count: (Recommended), randomize the number of likes X, this option only works if Like+follow activated.

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