New Updates & Features: First Comment, Location Tag & More!

Today we’re excited to launch some of the most requested features, and we do work on launching all the features you suggest and more improvements that will make leading Instagram easier!

Here’s a list of our added/updated features:

  • Now you can add the first comment to your post.
  • Now it’s possible to tag the location to the posts.
  • Multi Delete option added to the file manager.Now you can see detailed info about your files storage.
  • Now it’s possible to select the caption template without leaving the post page!
  • Schedule Calendar page now became Calendar page. Which means now it displays the detailed info for all posts (not only for scheduled posts).
  • Now it’s possible to clip/crop and resize the uploaded videos.
  • Now it’s possible to search for the hashtags and users in the caption/first-comment fields on the post page.